How Did Hitler Kill Jews

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Jews were killed in many different ways at the concentration camp Auschwitz. Auschwitz was known as the most terrible and horrific camp there was. Most of the Jews or people in these concentration camps died horribly. They were also making up new ways to kill these people. The concentration camp Auschwitz changed how Hitler dealt with the Jews because he wanted them to suffer while being separated from everyone else. and once they arrived at the concentration camps they got killed.

The concentration camp Auschwitz changed how Hitler dealt with the Jews because he wanted to separate the Jews from everyone else and thought that they were basically worthless so he killed them in the most painful ways. Hitler thought that he was doing Ggermany a favor by killing them. Hitler allowed the nazi guards to kill and torture the Jews by putting them in different place such as gas chambers, extermination camps and also by using mass shootings and Gassing trucks. In the article it says , “ In five of the six extermination camps gas chambers were constructed with the single purpose of killing Jews, gypsies and other ’undesirables’. In the Chelmno
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The quote is about a man that was a Nazi. He was saying how the Jews deserved more punishments and that Hitler was too easy on them. In the article it also states that Hitler used biblical terms to explain why he was doing it. Hitler was doing such a wrong thing for many reasons. Most of the non Jews were Christian like the Nazi and such. Hitler should not have done that because if he was a true Christian he and his nazi party shouldn't have killed all those innocent people. In the Christian bible it states that a person should not kill. That's what all those horrible people did. Hitler was no christian, he was a horrible person and Germany would have done so much better without even electing him in the

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