How Did Edgar Allan Poe Influence American Literature

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Edgar A. Poe influenced fictional writers after his time period by revolutionizing the entire horror genre. Poe was not only a fictional writer, but he was also a fictional writer who was obsessed with the American Goth aspect of writing. In which, he portrayed a lot of Goth in his writings such as “The Raven, The Tell-Tale Heart, and also “The Pit and the Pendulum.” Poe did not only write horror, but also he progressed the horror genre to a whole entire dimension that people of his time were not accustomed to. Poe was one of the first writers to incorporate Goth within his writings making Goth his legacy instead of .
Edgar Allan Poe was the Godfather of Goth; he single-handedly brought Goth into American Literature. Before Poe’s time other
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For example, stories that start off in haunted mansions or in the basement at a morgue. You automatically know that it’s apart of gothicism because it has hit the jackpot on the dingy appearance. Also, the characters in the stories also wear clothing that is black and have a eerie depiction. Writings such as the “The Raven”, “The Shining”, and “Dracula” depict forms of gothicism in them. Both “The Shining” and “Dracula” have an insanely crazy amount of blood in them. “The Shining” using a psychopathic dad who moves into a haunted hotel has become possessed by an evil spirit, and using an axe as his weapon of choice. In one part of Stephen King’s book, “The Shining,” the main character 's wife, Wendy, is walking down the hallway and a tsunami of blood runs swarms the elevator room. “Dracula” depicts a great amount of blood and gore because the main character is a vampire. Vampires feed on human blood to stay alive and use their fangs to draw blood from the human’s body. Also, considering that vampires are practically nightstalkers they apprehend their victims in the darkness of the night. For a piece of literature to be classified as Gothic, it has to possess three elements: romanticism, fiction, and Goth. All of the elements previously listed make up most of gothicism in American Literature. The origin of goth came from Scandinavia and were the most successful in writing gothic

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