Essay about How Did Douglas Learn How From Write?

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How did Douglas learn how to write?
Curiosity led Fredrick Douglass to want to learn how to write. It all started one day while working at Durgin and Bailey’s ship yard, strange symbols (letters) on the timber grasp his attention. Douglas sought out the names of the symbols and learned how to write them, and after he accomplished that he yearned for more. Aware that it is illegal for people to teach him to write, he devises a clever plan to learn how to write by using
Reversed psychology on the poor white boys his age. He learned how to write without a paper, pen, or copybook. Douglas paper were “boarded fences, brick walls, and pavements” and his pen was a piece of chalk (345). Other resources he used to learn how to write was Webster’s spelling book and his young master Thomas’s copy book .
How he learned how to read:
When Douglas moved to Baltimore with his new master, his mistress Sophia Auld, taught hum the alphabets and how to spell 3-4 letter words. Learning the alphabets was very influential on him and he was hungry for more knowledge. However, being a slave without any resources or allies that would teach him to read, Douglas once again took the street to find teachers. In order to get these reading lessons, Douglas had to finish his errands fast. He converted as many little poor white boys he could into his teachers.
His relationship with the boys was a mutualism relationship, but Douglass knew he was really getting a commensalism relationship. Douglas would…

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