How Did Dave Egger Influence Society

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Throughout Dave Egger’s life, he has come across many influences to inspire him in his art work, and becoming the well-known writer that he is today. Dave Egger’s wrote the Circle, to show the limitless of technology in society. While writing the Circle, one of his biggest influences were the rise of technology, people in his life, and how society is becoming unpliable from technology.
Dave Egger was born on March 12, 1970 in Boston, Massachusetts. His father was an attorney and his mother was a teacher. Dave Egger found inspiration from his mother, sister, and all his friends that all became educators (TidesCommunity). Since Dave was surrounded by a lot of teachers, it enhanced his writing capabilities and he had many positive influences surrounding him to think freely and outside the box. Dave Egger heard their struggles on teaching and helping the kids with their literature daily. These memories of his fellow friends and sisters struggles,
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The main reason he implemented the Seechange camera was after the “Boston Marathon bombings” ( Wood, Gaby), the city’s public cameras could find the faces of the bombers in just a few days of searching through all the video film. Dave Egger knew this was a huge topic in today’s culture. If people knew that they were being watched all the time in public, this could potentially minimize criminal behavior and it could drastically go down within the cities. SeeChange cameras took it further then what we have today. With the Seechange cameras, you could install them anywhere in your homes, store, and places where cameras couldn’t go. This creation changed the outlook on society, these cameras had the capability to find individuals in minutes and you could be watched by millions of people by a click of a button. This encouraged to help humans become or at least try to become

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