How Did Colonialism Affect Puerto Rico's Identity

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Register to read the introduction… The posture of the U.S. did not only affect the lower class. Some of the élites were becoming increasingly uncomfortable with their position and did not accept the reticence, which dominated the U.S. policy towards the country. Others were not sure whether to support the U.S. policies or to oppose them, but were there many options? Just as America wrestled with major and peculiar issues (such as the title of certain posts within the system of Puerto Rican governance for fear of suggesting Statehood), Puerto Ricans struggled with issues of identity, as they pondered their fate in light their colonial …show more content…
The granting of American citizenship was influenced by the conditions of the purchase of the Danish Islands, and had little to do with the Puerto Rican efforts or the fact that America was changing its perception of the country. The act assuaged some aspects of Puerto Rican life by allowing native Puerto Ricans the open passage to the United States where they could perhaps search for better jobs. In spite of this new status, Puerto Ricans still did not have political privileges enjoyed by a regular U.S. …show more content…
policies regarding its other territories, and has experienced the transition from one colonial power to the other without being given considerations other than negative implications attached to the island’s racial mixture. The people took the offer of citizenship without much choice. They must still deal with the fact that although citizens they are essentially disenfranchised, and at the same time their status as nation remains in limbo.


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