How Did Coaching Begin? Coaching Essay

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How did coaching begin? Coaching came about long ago when sports first started in the Greek Olympics in 776 BC and has been evolving ever since. Coaching is a great field with many career opportunities. In the past, the salary was not enough to provide for a coach and his or her family, and coaches were not valued like they are today. Coaching training is an ongoing development in which a person supports and trains an athlete that wants to achieve a common goal.
The best school to get a coaching degree is Louisiana State University; they have a total number of 284 students that are in the coaching field. The total cost to attend this University is $19,400 (Berkowitz 1). This is great considering that the college is so successful. This is a college that’s huge on sports and one of the reasons why this is a great school for coaching is because they put so much into their sport programs. They have the best equipment, trainers, and coaching staff. I would love to attend a college like this because of the history of the school and all of the programs they have to offer. Louisiana State has become a dominant school in sports. Their football and basketball teams have won championships, and the players and coaches have gone to the next level.
A Coaches everyday routine may change from day to day. Some coaches do different things some like to stay fit and healthy, and some do not (Smith 1). Studies have shown that the more fit and in shape a coach is, the more they put out and they…

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