How Did Chinese Culture Influence The Development Of Ancient China

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Throughout the history of China, the ancient Chinese culture has had changed, ancient China had many developments over many different dynasties, which helped China become a successful society. What made ancient Chinese culture successful was trade on the Silk Road, the rise of the Han and Qin dynasty.
The Han dynasty was a period of time when ancient China was in prosperity. Liu Bang (mostly formally known as Emperor Gaozu) has founded and firstly ruled during that time. The Han dynasty has had many innovations that helped the prosperity of ancient China. The major advancement during the Han dynasty was a time of innovation and science. One of the most important inventions was paper which made writing very sophisticated. The creation of paper
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Qin had established a strong central government that helped move China forward as one nation. He had created common measurements, constructing a network of roads and irrigation works, and developing a currency using a coin called Ban Liang (which is a copper coin with a square hole in the middle). Qin established a strong army for the security of the people, along with that built the Great Wall of China to stop the invasion of barbarians from the North. (Document 1 & outside information combined). Qin standardized the Chinese language and writing is to make the communication easier for all of China. It would make it easier if everyone would understand each other, knowing once before they were all separate nations. Altogether, in the history of China, the ancient Chinese culture has changed and developed innovations that improved the empire as a whole. The Silk Road was a network of roads used for trade, which helped people exchange goods, as well as ideas and customs that many incorporated into their own. The rise of the Han and the Qin dynasty, improved the culture and the empire itself. In

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