How Did Charles Lindbergh's Infant Son Die?

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How did Charles Lindbergh 's infant son die?
What would you do if you were one of the most famous people in the world and your child got abducted? Charles Lindbergh is an Aviator who is known for his successful flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. A blonde hair, blue eyed man who grew up near Little Falls, Minnesota, and who always aspired to push himself to the max. Lindbergh made history with his Flight of St Louis and had over 300,000 supporters waiting at his feet. The entire country of Germany and the world were very involved with his life, so the tragic death of lindbergh 's son was felt nationwide. Lindbergh’s son (Charles Lindbergh Jr.), was only 20 months old when he was snatched from his bedroom and later found murdered. The
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According to an academic journal by Mark Bernhardt, questions arose from critics such as, “Had Anne been an inattentive mother the night her son was kidnapped?” and “Had Charles put her on in danger by moving his family to a secluded house with inadequate security?” (Bernhardt 164). Lindbergh was always known to be the “Model Father” to society, until new information was released to the general public.
Lindbergh kept all of the notes and meetings with the kidnappers a secret, this made everyone that had looked up to him at the time, start to question him. Lindbergh’s family was staying with his wife’s sister at the time, only until their new house was finished being built. In the meantime, they would stay at the unfinished home on the weekends when they could. They were staying at the unfinished home in Hopewell, New Jersey the night that his son got kidnapped. No one but his own family would have known that they were inside that unfinished home that night. People started to conclude that since no one could have possibly known they were there that night, that Lindbergh set up the kidnapping. According to World History Videos, Lindbergh’s idea to create a “better race” and have a strong child, assumed that he wanted to put his sick child into an institution until he got better. The author of Journalism History says, “For the critics, these actions, for which Charles tended to receive the blame, tarnished Charles’s image
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From this kidnapping and murder, the “Lindbergh Law” was put into effect. From World History Videos, This law states that there will be “The prosecution of all child abductors” (“The Kidnapping of…”). It is a historical mark because we still use the Lindbergh law today for kidnappers and child abductors. Kidnapping also has to be tried at the federal level (considered a federal crime) because of this event.
The presented evidence does not point directly to one specific murderer. Whether or not I believe that it was set up, it could have very well been unexpected. This kidnapping could have been done to retrieve money from the world famous Charles Lindbergh or, It could have been a planned kidnapping by the one man himself in order to get his child in an institution. Charles Lindbergh was a well-known and very popular man during that time, and the whole world was affected by this event. Lindbergh was a mystery, just like this murder. A man who

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