How Did Charles Darwin Influence Society

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Charles Darwin: Was an influence in our society because of the fantastic discoveries he had found in the animal kingdom.
February 12, 1802 Charles Darwin was born at strawberry, England. In 1839 Darwin got married to his cousin, Emma Wedg-wood, at the age 20. In that same year he had finished writing his first book. Darwin was very excited, because he was only 20 years old when he had finished his first book. Charles left on a trip to finish his second book when he had come back home he had found out that his two brothers and wife had died from the bluebonnet pledge. Darwin had left after his family loss and didn’t return until 10 years; while he was gone; he had discovered a new cure for domestic animals and called it Darwinism (the life of Charles Darwin 84). The popular conception that Darwinism is simply the theory of evolution applied to the origin of man is
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He had published a book about the struggle of life, it was written by Charles Darwin, an English naturalist and biologist. It generated fierce controversy between churchmen and scientist, which has not entirely subsided to this day. Charles Darwin had written a book about beauty and he had quoted this “Charles Darwin once said that, if everyone was cast in the same mold, there would be no such thing as beauty”. This book was one of his best sellers (Charles Darwin 80). Charles Darwin had died at the age of 73 at his hometown Downer, Kent, England, at west minister abbey (his death 85).
What I think about Charles Darwin, he was a great biologist and naturalist he had found many interesting things in this world he had found out how to cure domestic animals and he had also found a new disease which he had called

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