How Did Brutus Join The Conspiracy

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Should Brutus join the conspiracy? In Shakespeare’s play the Tragedy of Julius Caesar he joins the conspiracy and kills Caesar. Brutus should not join the conspiracy because he could get killed if anything goes wrong, what honor is there in killing you best friend, and if Rome is ok with Caesar becoming king then why put Rome in turmoil without a functioning government.
How many crimes are stopped before they even happen because someone can't keep a secret? If someone accidentally said something and Caesar found out that people were trying to kill him then he would kill them or just make it so they couldn't get anywhere near him. What would happen to Brutus if Caesar was able to escape? Would the Conspiracy go into hiding or would they
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Just think about what happened to the United States when John F Kennedy was assassinated citizen freaked out. There is a very good possibility of that happening if they kill Caesar. The people love Caesar and show that throughout the play, for example when the have the parade for him or when they offer him the crown three times in act 1 (I,i,30-31)(I,ii,234-243). The people also love Brutus which is why they need him for the conspiracy so that he can make the public accept the murder. There are also some reasons that Brutus should join the conspiracy. First is that they may kill Caesar with or without him and if the public riots against conspirators the rome could end up destroying itself. Another reason is that if his loyalty point him to the republic then he should stick with it but if his loyalty to caesar overpowers his loyalty to the republic then he will choose caesar. Finally if Brutus really wants to save the republic he needs to join the conspiracy and kill him because Caesar will destroy it. Brutus should not join the conspiracy. There is a chance something could go wrong and they could end up in prison or in graves. If he is honorable then how could he kill anybody especially his best most trusted friend? Why would he take a chance at putting rome in chaos destroying itself and the republic with it? Just because Brutus is a good well loved and respected man that doesn’t

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