How Did Bruce Lee Influenced American Culture

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In America’s vast history there have been many inspirational individuals that have made an enormous impact on the the way people look at life and the cultural scene. As the average American grows up, they often idolized or are inspired by individuals who have impacted the American culture. Those figures often create a standard for the society and have sculpted American culture into what it has become today. In every aspect of life, American Icons can be seen, from rebels to politicians, from war heroes to entertainers, and from saints to sinners. The arts entertainers are no different and there is one specific icon who has influenced the entertainment world in various ways: Bruce Lee. Known for his martial arts films, Bruce Lee has displayed …show more content…
Linda Emery was a former student of Lee. Lee and Emery had two amazing children, Brandon Lee and Shannon Lee (Bruce 4). Bruce Lee’s death was tragic and ironic. Lee died after filming a death scene in the film, Game of Death. “On July 20, 1973, Bruce had a minor headache. He was offered a prescription painkiller called Equagesic. After taking the pill, he went to lie down and lapsed into a coma. He was unable to be revived” (Biography 9). Lee’s death was tragic and many people could not believe it. Extensive forensic pathology was done on Lee’s body to figure out the exact cause of death (Biography 9). The pathologists found a possible cause of death. The pathologists believe that he had an allergic reaction to the painkiller, fell into a coma, and died from the extreme swelling of the brain (Biography 9). Lee must have been in serious pain in order to take painkillers. There were speculations regarding his death, for example, people believed gangsters killed him (Lee 3). When Bruce Lee was younger, he was involved in gangs. This is why many people believed the theory. Brandon Lee, not long after his father, died of a mysterious death at the age 28 (Bruce Lee 5). Bruce Lee and his son both died

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