How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson? Essay

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How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson? Andrew Jackson the democrat? More like Andrew Jackson the DEMONcrat! Andrew Jackson is considered to be one of the most famous presidents in American history because of his “democratic” views. The era of the “common man” marked the beginning for American democracy where ordinary people had a say in the government. To Jackson, democracy meant that all agencies of the government, including the congress, the president, National Bank, and Supreme Court must listen and follow to the wishes of the people. However, Jackson still had certain ideas about who were included in the people, and opposers of Jackson claimed he was more autocratic than a democratically elected president. This raises the question; how democratic was Andrew Jackson? In this context, democratic is defined as “ruled by the people.” Andrew Jackson was hardly Democratic because he abused his powers, was a hypocrite himself, and his eviction of the Indians to western territories. Andrew Jackson was not democratic because he abused his powers during his presidential term. Opposers of Jackson believed he ignored the separation of powers among the three branches of government. A cartoon that appeared in the presidential election of 1832 depicted Jackson as “King Andrew The First” with veto power in his hand while stepping on the Constitution and National Bank and Internal Improvements bill. Clearly, Jackson acted without congressional approval and felt more superior than…

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