Essay on How Democracy And Monotheism Within The Modern World

1003 Words Jul 16th, 2016 null Page
From the pyramids and scorching deserts of ancient Egypt, to the Parthenon of ancient Greece, and to the Colosseum of ancient Rome, these cultures laid the foundation of what western civilization and thought would become today. To this day, there are multiple religions, multiple political systems, different government systems, and traditional ways of living that all had to originate from somewhere. Since researching and exploring more about these ancient cultures of Greece, Rome, and Egypt, it was a colossal stepping stone to my understanding of where Western thoughts have originated and transformed from. The intellectual abilities of the ancient Egyptian with architecture and literature, the democratic system of the Greek, and the republic system of the Romans all made a deep connection to how beliefs and systems are now embedded in modern society.. However, I chose to focus on how Democracy and monotheism within these ancient cultures were implanted and then transformed to create the Western thoughts that are present to this day.

One of the most significant foundations in what Western thought is today is monotheism, which is the belief in only one God. Throughout the ancient cultures that were presented and explored, there wasn’t monotheism being practiced. The ancient Egyptians believed in multiple gods and goddesses such as Ra the Sun God, Nut the Goddess of the sky and stars, Ptah God of creation, and much more. The ancient Greek also practiced polytheism in which…

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