How Dark Were The Dark Ages? Essay

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How Dark were the Dark Ages? When looking at the historical patterns of many different regions of the world, it is easy to see that by no means was any civilization perfect in terms of living. This is especially true when one looks at the the chaotic historical trends of Medieval Europe—universally known to be a time of societal plight. However, when analyzing the daily lives of Medieval Europeans, one can discern the fallacy that the Dark Ages were a time of utter despondency. When looking at the technological advancements, behavioral standards, and moral codes associated with medieval life, it can be concluded that the medieval culture served as a way of unifying and evolving Europe in such dreary times. With each apparent advancement in Medieval society, there existed a drawback which caused that improvement. For example, war was an integral facet in medieval society and served as a horrific aspect. However, constant fighting led to innovations in warfare—explaining how Medieval society benefitted from this drawback. For instance, Amy Blackwell shows how the development of cavalry alongside archery proved to be an essential improvement in winning battles; most battles were decided with swords or lances: “In the medieval period, cavalry became the dominant arm on the battlefield. While most armies remained predominantly bodies of infantry, the strength of cavalry compared with infantry greatly increased” (“weaponry and armor in medieval Europe” 1). Similarly, Blackwell…

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