Essay on How Dangerous Is The Cell Phone?

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How Dangerous is The Cell Phone? If you knew that cell phone usage increased your chances of getting cancer would you continue to use your cell phone? Such a possibility is a potential risk amours all cell phone users. But just think how much have our lives been transformed with mobile phone technology? We can attend to problems at our work place and even at our homes without the need of appearing there physically. Communication has been made easier since the advent of telephone and now cell phones. The use of cell phones by the majority of the world’s population in both developed and developing countries has attracted the attention of researchers with conflicting results about the safety and dangers of the device, and though research findings on the issue are mixed. Some studies show that mobile phones are safe and others show the device is dangerous and pose health risk to users.
Researchers and the users on both sides of the cell phone debate have advanced reasons to support their claim either for or against the addictive device. To begin with, I will mention some research studies that have often been cited as the dangers of cell phone usage. Among these are exposure to carcinogens, mobile phone crimes, and cell phone dependency.
Carcinogens, which is radiation derived from cell phone usage exposes most people agree that. Health concern is often among several reasons against the cell phones. A major danger the use of cell phones can increase the risk of cancer. Although…

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