How Customer Relationship Management Helps Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, And Service Quality

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Suggestion I: Analyzing Customers Experience (by Ys-Tsun)
Many studies mention that customer relationship management could help customer satisfaction, loyalty, and service quality (Ata, Zeynep, & Toker, 2012). A better customer service refers to fulfill customers demand. In other words, identifying what clients want is the key point of customer satisfaction. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements, customer provider(Snapchat) needs to analyze customers experience. The company can classify the research into two groups based on their purposes.
Improve Application’s Existed Service Quality / Understanding Customers’ Preference
The most basic requirements of an application are providing a stable and high quality service. There are two ways to check quality of the application. One of the methods is analyzing the application running data to discover errors that occurred frequently. The other one is relying on user’s impression. Nowadays, it is easy to communicate with customer. People can easily give their feedback to the company through internet. Reading customer reviews is a useful way to figure out customers’ preference. These opinions indicate that some services are practical functions and some others are not favorable. On the other hand, these opinions reflect on customer satisfaction. As a result, the company can make an adjustment and improve performance depending on their customers’ advices.
Establish Application’s Future Service Development / Understanding…

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