How Culture Is Important Today Our Everyday Life? Essay

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How culture is important in our everyday life? Cultural values play an important role to construct a society with people that follow similar values. Activities that groups of people follow in their daily life are result of impacts of practicing culture. People give significance to the culture, as culture expresses itself in the practices of religion, lifestyle, language, clothing, and food. Principles of a culture give people understanding about behaving in a certain manner depending on the situations. The values give people an understating of a culture which influences people’s character. Being able to assimilate into a culture is a crucial part in people’s life. The common belief about culture allows people to come together as a community. The values of culture are transmitted from generation to generation through different forms of practices. Culture impacts people’s life in numerous ways in order to help people to adapt to a group of people, bring people to share the same aspects of cultures as a society, and share values through various customs by transferring across generations. Cultural principles and views guide people to develop their identity which permits them to adapt to the culture easily. Following cultural values affects people’s perspective of viewing the world. The cultural surrounding around people which people perceive develops their personalities and shapes their viewpoint in life. The way people engage with the values creates an impact on people’s…

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