How Culture Defines Our Identity More Than We Realize Essay examples

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Culture defines our identity more than we realize. We are a sum of our surroundings. According to Davis, “A culture is the total of everything an individual learns by growing up in a particular context and results in a set of expectations for appropriate behavior in seemingly similar contexts,” (pg.7). Visiting a home and city where one grew up can give significant insight to the behaviors of someone. Ross Metler is 26 years old, currently lives in Westminster, Colorado, but is moving next week. Not knowing where he will end up, he is exploring different cities and states to possibly start a new life. Ross Metler is originally from a wealthy suburb of Chicago. He moved out to Colorado 7 years ago to go to college in Colorado at Western State. Metler is Jewish by ethnicity. His mom is Jewish and his Dad refers to himself as a Christian. The Metler’s celebrate Hanukkah every year. Christmas was celebrated when Metler and his brother were children, but it faded out, as they got older. The family has a lot of Jewish friends. Metler has made Jewish friends as he moved out to Colorado. He has visited Israel on birthright and occasionally participates in Shabbat dinners on Friday evenings with Jewish friends.
Ross Metler does not have a specific religion. He takes his spiritual walk very seriously, though. There is a significant unity that all humans share in the divine. There are different realms and there is an unseen world. He believes in angels and demons.…

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