How Culture Affects The Way We Interact With Others And Our Work Processes

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Since we all spend a significant portion of our life at work, our workplace environment is critical to us. The culture in that work environment can be the ingredient that helps us enjoy what we do. Culture is the way we interact with others and our work processes. We don’t always see culture except for the physical surroundings. Often the things you have on your desk, a bulletin, or a company newsletter will tell what the workplace is like. The actual culture in the workplace is somewhat harder to identify. Culture is many things that aren’t visual. Some of the nonvisual things involve the values, habits and interactions with other colleagues. Though workplace culture has several characteristics these three come to mind; it is ongoing, it is critical to success, and it is identifiable. Culture does affect the way we do work, the way we interact with each other, the way we interact with customers and management. Most work environments are made up of a variety of people from all walks of life. This factor can create constant changes. With such a diverse group working together, the environment is always in the process of changing and growing into something new. Since the workplace culture is the unwritten rules that develop when working together, it is gradual and continually reformed. The dynamics of a culture are not always absolute which means it is not always for everyone. Sometimes people fit and often they do not. There are some companies that…

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