Essay on How Crop Agriculture Has Changed Over Time

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How Crop Agriculture has changed over Time Nowadays, Agriculture has a huge impact on the environment. Many times agriculture has to suffer in good and bad ways to grow healthier; it’s just due to climate change and environment that covers that land [PC]. Crop agriculture comes in different varieties such as fruits, vegetables and grains. Crop agriculture needs a lot of care to protect it from past insects and climate changes [Personal Communication (PC)]. In 18th century, farmers had hard time tending their crops and now advanced technology has made it easier for farmers to work on their lands. Genetically Modified Crops and Food Security (GMCF) reviewed that for agriculture; technology has been invented such as rolling down the crops, spraying water and chemicals for pesticides, etc. These days farmers use more machinery than actual bull cart to diverse their land. The work they put before it’s not worth it because consumers need the product right away just like now. Also, A Global and Spatially Explicit Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Crop Production and Consumption Water Use (GSEA) see that farmers are suffering with climate changes. They wait for the sunlight to rise on their crops, and when the rainfall comes, it mixes with the soil, great nutrients amounts of which increase their crop growth yields. Lastly, Pesticide Residues and Bees – A Risk Assessment (PRB) researched that pesticides are beneficial to crops because they killed other pesticides on lands…

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