How Criminal Behavior Is More Essay example

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to outline how criminal behavior is more likely in certain contexts. The existence of a possible, accessible victim, a motivated offender, and a lack of competent guardianship combine to create an opportunity structure (Haggerty 2009). They argue that crime and violence are sociogenic; poverty, unemployment, societally blocked means to legitimate ends may all contribute to someone’s entrance into crime (Holmes and Holmes 1998). Perhaps the situations that allow for sociopathy (e.g. socialization into violence in interpersonal relations) to arise contribute to an individual’s entrance into crime (Holmes and Holmes 1998). With regard to serial killing, sociologists explore contextual explanations. If there is a biological disposition, individual desire, or personal pathology that motivates killers, criminologists believe that larger, structural factors take those predispositions and shape them into behaviors (Haggerty 2009). They tie serial killing to broad social and historical settings, just as they do with crime in general (Haggerty and Ellerbrok 2011). For this reason, viewing serial killing from the perspective of Developmental Life Course Perspective is an interesting concept.
The History of Serial Killing While interest in serial homicide has existed for nearly two centuries, this kind of murder has only gained the attention of the American public since the early 1970s (Forsyth 2015). At the time, the notion of serial killing seemed to be such an American…

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