How Courtship Is Not Relevant? America And Marriage Was A Means Of Survival?

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In this section, I will examine the history of how courtship was not relevant in America and marriage was a means of survival. Even though the romance was not present and seemed unfair to the women as Crapo states that Cultural relativism is "the idea that the significance of an act is best understood by the standards of the actor 's own cultural milieu" (Crapo, 2013, p. 47). In other words a person that may not see this as sane if he were in the same conditions he most likely will do the same thing. Courtship in America was not so romantic in the beginning at all men were just looking for a bride who was old enough to bear a child for survival reasons who could clean, cook and take care of his offspring so that his family name could carry on. In this section we will show how American changed and so did courtship. In the 1700’s the early Americans were using a new courtship practices like bundling. Bundling was when two single people would sleep together in the same bed. One or both of them would be sewn up in separate “bundling bags” and sometimes also separated by a “bundling board. Bundling was a method used so that a couple could spend the night in the same bed at the girl’s parent’s house and talk without getting physically intimate this was a form of courtship used by the parents in the early practices of America. The parents felt using this method of courtship they could control the couple from having sex and having children without their consent. In this section we…

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