How Corruption Is Dishonest Behavior Essay

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Corruption is dishonest behavior typically by those in power using their position for self or for partisan interest. It goes far beyond seeking and paying bribes. A recent Gallup poll showed that between 2006 and 2013, the proportion of Americans who believe corruption is widespread throughout government increased from 59% to 79%. Another poll by the American National Election Studies (ANES) covering the period of 1964 to 2008 showed that 79% of voters from 29% believe government was run by a few big self-interests. There was a drop to 19% from 64% in the percentage of voters who believed government was out to secure their benefit (Poznyak, Meuleman, Abts, & Bishop, 2006). Clearly, there is a growing sense of disillusionment and citizen averseness to government. But this sense of mistrust is justified. In 2010 after the Republican takeover of the House, earmarks were banned. Earmarks though not popular were used to persuade elected officials to vote for or against key bills. They were used to marshal majorities and forge compromise. The ban in effect led to a legislative gridlock whereby it became increasingly difficult to enact any laws namely tax and immigration reform. The driving force behind the ban by the Republicans was to frustrate the Obama administration. Very few if any of the elected officials took into account that they do not primarily serve party interests but those of the people who voted them in. Again, a few self-interests dinned out those of…

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