How Corruption Has Caused Great Suffering For The American People

728 Words Apr 29th, 2016 3 Pages
In a time where corruption is everywhere that there is business and economy, it would make sense that those who suffer from corruption, would take precautions in order to at least reduce its effect. It is business corruption that has caused great suffering for the American people. With the increase in corruption, it negatively impacts society and could long term deteriorate the economy. It is no question that corruption is an issue that this country has had enough of but what needs to be addressed now is what can be done in order to salvage the morality of U.S. business. Countries all over the world who are known to have a heavily corrupt business environment reflect that onto their poor economy. In order to identify a solution, we must first define corruption. The next step is to take a look into the kind of employee who would involve themselves in a corrupt act and question their motives. Are they doing this because they are thoughtless criminals or are simply ignorant about their actions? One of the easiest types of corruption, to actually measure, would be bribery. The most difficult part of finding methods in order to reduce corruption is finding the cause that is why so many studies done on business corruption mainly focus on bribery because it is the easiest to find a solution for. It is humans who are naturally born with fault, therefore, it is the reason that man cannot be held accountable for their corrupt actions because he is naïve to know what he is really…

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