How Concussions Affect The Body Mentally And Physically Essay

704 Words Apr 11th, 2016 3 Pages
My topic is how concussions affect the body mentally and physically. This will look at the aspects of concussions that affect people and how different severity of concussions affect people. The main issue with concussions is they can go unnoticed to receive the “treatment” for it. The treatment for concussions is bed rest with no lights, electronics, and no loud noises. There is a debate about weather there should be a drug to help with the symptoms of concussions, or there should not be a drug to help just the use of bed rest. The drug would be used to relive the symptoms of concussions even though they would not be allowed to compete until they can pass their concussion test the would be allowed to live their lives. The two sides of the argument over concussions is the one side that argues that concussions should be treated as a serious medial emergency, and the other side is they are part of life like a rolled ankle and have no immediate danger to people. The reasons for these points of views are their personal experiences. The focus of my paper will be concussions sustained in professional athletics and how they affect their performance mentally and physically. It will be modeled around 2010-2016 in the United States. I will examine why these concussions happen and in what type of concussion is the most common. The physical aspect will be measured by physical tests administered by trained medical professionals, and the mental aspect will be measured by psychological…

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