How Conception And Abortion Is The U.s. Debates About Abortion

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How Conception and Abortion is in the U.S. Debates about abortion have always been a big issue in both the United States and the world. Some people argue that it is wrong to do an abortion because you take away a child that has the right to a life. However, the other side argues that it is important for women to have the right to have an abortion if they want to. In addition to the debate about abortion, there are also debates going on about conception. In some cases men are sterile and cannot make a women pregnant, and then there are options such as assisted reproductive technologies where you can get sperm from another man and the woman can then get pregnant. Some people think it is ethically incorrect to use techniques such as this, but others think that it is a great option for couples that cannot get pregnant together because they suffer from infertility. While conception and abortion are two big debates that have been on going for a long time, there has also been a movement in the birth control, which has changed the availability of birth control and created new options for couples. This paper will focus on legal and ethical issues associated with assisted reproductive techniques, the history of birth control movement, and debates about abortion in the United States. When people decide to use assisted reproductive technology it means that the gametes are handled outside of the human body to be able to achieve pregnancy, and this is used for couples that are…

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