How Competition Affects Every Part Of A Business Marketing Strategy

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Competition affects every part of a business’ marketing plan, as it is the competition that will play a major factor in the productivity of the business. Therefore, it is essential that a business marketing strategy considers the competition.
Some of the major competition that Declutter Coach will face include, maid services,, and organizational guides. These each present a slightly different type of competition, from other people doing the work for the customer to the customer do the work on their own with a do-it-yourself style guide. This will challenge Declutter Coach to be dynamic in their marketing approaches.
Tutors by the Numbers’ major competition include, other tutors, online study aids, and the parents themselves. The pricing of these options range from higher to lower or even no cost for each customer. Therefore, it will be essential to develop the perceived value of the tutoring service.
Finally, Marketing Coach will be facing marketing agencies and do-it-yourself books. Both of these have their own pros and cons. However, it will be crucial for Marketing Coach to differentiate itself from a do-it-yourself type book since customers may see it as basically the same.
Opportunities are the openings in the market that are available for businesses to expand or improve their productivity within the market. Therefore, opportunities can be developed into strengths. Thus, it is prudent for businesses to seek out opportunities and…

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