How Communication Via Text Messages Negatively Satisfaction Essay

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In order to conduct this survey, the sample will consist of 50 participants who will complete a questionnaire that is related to the research topic which is how communication via text messages affects satisfaction in romantic relationships. The participants will be students from Vanier college, because the survey itself will be conducted in the campus during Fall semester in 2016. In previous studies, most of the samples chosen by researchers did not contain equivalent number of females and males. However, in this sample, there will be the same number of men as well as women, because gender differences can highly influence final results of the study. Thus, among volunteers from Vanier college there will be 25 females and 25 males. The students age will vary between 18 to 23 years old. Most of the participants will be Canadians of the first or second generation as well as new immigrants from European, Asian and African countries. To have a diverse sample this study will choose students from different cultural background: Europeans such as Italians and Greeks, Asians such as Chinese and Filipinos as well as Africans such as Nigerians and Algerians. Volunteers that will participate in the study will be mostly from the pre-university programs such as social science and commerce. Predominant religion among surveyed students will be Catholicism.
The participants will be selected accordingly to non-random convenient sampling method, because not every student will have an equal…

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