How Communication Is The Way We Use Communication Through The Day

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The way we use Communication through the day is uncanny, we use it to read people, to express ourselves and also to understand someone expressing themselves towards us. In the Marty film, we learn all about how communication is used In the life of a 36 year old man and how he acts with his mother, his firmed a, and the girl he meets on a lonely night.
Relationships developments are a process of time, it 's not something that shouldn 't be forced. it starts that starts with Contact; the point when you meet someone, next is Involvement; the part where the relationships develops, after is Intimacy, we reach the point when one is honest and open. Next, some relationships reach Deterioration, the point where relationships start to fizzle, which leads to Repair, where both or one person tries to solve, lastly we reach to Dissolution, the last and last stage, and the point where bonds are broken and people go their separate ways. In 1955s film Marty we learn about Marty and Claire, how they meet and how their relationship develops throughout the movie. As the movie develops one can tell how Marty doesn 't follow the "rules" of a developing relationship. When a person meets someone one shouldn 't unload their whole life story right away, it should take weeks, maybe months in order for a relationship to work. Within an hour of meeting Marty starts telling Claire all about his past and how he was in college, but had to come back due to his father 's death.
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