How Communication Is The Most Important Actions That Human Being Use Throughout Their Daily Lives

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Communication is one of the most important actions that human being use throughout their daily lives. Tamparo and Lindh define communication as the sending and receiving of messages. Sometimes we are aware or conscious of the messages being sent or received and sometimes we are not. We are, however, always sending and receiving them (Tamparo and Lindh, 2008, pg. 12). The incident I am choosing to write about and analyze happened at A Night To Shine, which is an prom-like event hosted by Tim Tebow for individuals with disabilities. There is a buddy system in place to make sure that all individuals with disabilities are paired with one person (their buddy) and must remain with them for the entirety of the night. My “date” was a 19-year-old female diagnosed with developmental delay. She did not have any obvious physical disabilities and was relatively high functioning. Once her and I were paired together and walked inside, I noticed how low her voice was and also how unclear some of her speech was. I had to ask her multiple times to repeat what she said and what she was asking me. I had to rely much more on her nonverbal communication rather than verbal. Facial expression, touch, personal space, position, posture, and gestures/mannerisms are all examples of non-verbal communication (Tamparo and Lindh, 2008, pgs 15-17). She pointed to my phone and asked me to use it so she could call her boyfriend, who was supposed to be meeting her at the prom. Neither her age, nor her…

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