How Communication Is Important For Better Understanding Essay

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Communication is how the information interacts or exchange between people. It can be a signal, sound, electronic messages, leader giving a motivational speech, and someone asking for help. The characteristics of communication are important for better understanding. Because communication is not only how people converse. It 's how people converse and It is an ongoing process of your words and actions. Communication is not something we do to another, It 's actually how we do with them. It depends on how well two people can interact with each other. It 's not one person, it 's a two person job with both have the same amount of work. Symbols are used to communicate as well like the letter in our book. They can be something very different for someone who speak french, Spanish or Italian.It really depends on who you are communicating.

2. Dyadic communication is when two people are socializing or communicating. This can be done either in person, via the internet, email, using message applications, telephone, and social media. I work in retail, most of the time I am meeting people who I have never met. Just yesterday this woman who was telling me about the party where she was gonna make money. She gives me the little envelope with a few samples. I had absolutely no idea what she was talking, but the way she expresses, move her hand and talk about it. I just went along, she left happy from the store. The second example would be when you are interacting with someone via…

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