How Command Sergeant Major ( Csm ) Michael Evans ' Leadership Style Influenced Me As A Senior Noncommissioned Officer

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All good leaders in the Military have a mentor or leader that possess certain core competencies that influence the way they lead others. In this paper, I will describe how Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Michael Evans’ leadership style influenced me as a senior Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) and how I apply these to the way I lead and interact with soldiers. Additionally, at the end of the conclusion I will outline how I want to be remembered, my legacy, when I leave the United States Army.
I first met CSM Evans in 2004 when I was a young specialist while stationed in Japan. My initial thoughts on CSM Evans was he is well dressed and groomed, soft spoken, small in stature, and very personable. In addition, I observed that many soldiers and NCOs within the unit genuinely liked him and liked to interact with him. In my mind, this showed me that he truly cared for his soldiers and NCOs. I related to CSM Evans, I too liked a crisp and clean uniform, was small in stature and quiet. After my first interaction with CSM Evans, I immediately had the impression that he was a good leader and knew that I needed to absorb all his knowledge. He displayed character, presence, and intellect, which make up the leader attributes. I knew CSM Evans was someone that I wanted to emulate or model myself after.
Throughout the first couple of months, I noticed CSM Evans was skillful at influencing those around him to build a successful and cohesive unit. I witnessed him on numerous occasions…

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