How Comfortable Would You Be As A Therapist Disclosing Personal Aspects Of Yourself Essay

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186. How comfortable would you be as a therapist disclosing personal aspects of yourself (your fantasies, impulses, images, or metaphors from your own life) to your clients?

From my personal point of view, I believe that self-disclosure can be a very useful and effective skill when used properly. However, when therapists share their own personal views or personal aspects of themselves it is important for them to keep in mind that this should be done only for the purpose of helping the client, and not to meet the therapist personal needs. Personally, I would feel comfortable to disclose personal aspects of myself to my clients, however, as a therapist I would have to evaluate different counseling aspects (e.g. culture, religion, education, family values, expectations, etc.) to effectively decide how much information could be share during the therapeutic process. For instance, disclosing information can definitely increase trust in the counseling
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Think of time when you had a long conversation with someone about something important (or, if you keep a journal, look up an entry in which you write about something important). See if you can identify an example of each of the following cognitive distortions. Write down the example, and then consider how you might think differently about what you’ve written.

a. Arbitrary inferences: Arbitrary thinking occurs when we draw conclusions with minimal evidence, or without evidence at all. An example of arbitrary inferences would be when I got my first C during my first semester of graduate school. I felt “hopeless” and thought that I would never be able to finish the program. I remember talking to my best friend who was finishing the program back then, telling her “I don’t know how you did it. I know I am not going to be able to finish this on my own”.
Now, I think differently. Receiving a bad grade does not mean that I won’t be finishing the program. Now I see that event as an opportunity of growth, not as a

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