How Comcast Is Changing The Customer Experience Essay

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Living Our Principle: 25%
Customer Service: Achieves Expectation In the beginning, I learn that some of the ways that Comcast is changing the customer experience is through G’BYE, Customer Process,, GIS Day and attending Q4-2016 Division Playbook Broadcast Day 1 and 2. In order to learn more about the products, I went through the Product Portal and joined the Extreme Product Team, with the constant help of Diana Kotta. I, then became a part of the Extreme Product Team ambassador and train technician and sales representatives about the XFINITY TV Apps which then they can go out and tell our customers about the app so that the customer can stream Live TV and XFINITY On Demand on any device at home or on the go. As time progress, I try to make our customer experience our best product through ensuring that the Direct Sales Team (XSP), Technicians, Store Managers (CSC), Retail, and CAR/FIND have the collaterals that they need. Most of the collaterals that I focus on are the digital files without bleeds for XSP and CAR. For the Techs, I ordered the (Drop Bury, SWMY, Maintenance, and SIK/Welcome Door Hangers, Leave Behind Flyer and Work Order Forms) for Q3. Afterwards, I would check the Tech Collateral quantities on Excel and communicate with Dome and approve invoices. Now, I am often on the Tech Collateral Distribution calls and recently ordered someone 500 Maintenance Door Tags due to people running out. In addition to these collaterals, I…

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