How Comanches And Nationalism Helped Young United States Essay

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The United States would no be anything it is today without the help of the 18th and 19th century. The battles fought and the lands expanded all helped the US create a better environment for its future. One major factor that helped the US was the Comanche Empire. The Comanches are one of the most empire back then in the 18th century. They dominated Majority of the southwest using violence to expand their empire. Another factor that helped young United STates was the creation of nationalism. After the revolutionary war with Britain, America needed a way to stabilize all colonies and population of America. They decided through the ups and downs of nationalism so bring together everyone to combine as one successful nation. Throughout the essay you will find the reasons how Comanches and nationalism helped Young United STates to become the world 's powerful country.
First of all, the Comanche Empire was one of the most dominants civilizations during the 1750-1850(18th century and 19th century). The Comanche Empire is debateable one of the most successful clans or empire to be successful in dominating so much. Pekka Hamalainen wrote an essay telling the audience how powerful the Comanche Empire were. He writes about the successful story on how they were to dominate their way into becoming the top shop in America.
The Comanche Empire not only dominated the whole Southwest, they expanded towards the rest of what is called today Western United States. The Comanches economy was…

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