How Color And Emotions Affects People 's Emotions And Behavior

1157 Words May 26th, 2016 null Page
How does color depict emotions? That question encouraged me to ask people if there 's a relationship between color and emotion. The majority answered me saying “color is life”. That statement was very interesting to me as a researcher and I asked furthermore. What did they mean by “color is life”? To my understanding, color affects people 's emotions and behavior. Color has the greatness to speak for people, it 's a basic way to describe a person 's life. Those who want to express themselves se painting, drawing, and other arts to explain their inner feelings and the thoughts that are unable to be let out. Each color represents a different mood a person is feeling, (i.e., red, yellow, green, blue, etc.) as these also reflect upon what the weather is in the environment. Many of these colors come in a collection of positive and negative shades. The moods linked to these colors are happy, sad, angry, and calm, etc. However, the influence of color on people varies. Every person has a different perception to each color and what their color preferences are.

Artists, for many years, have used color to impersonate different moods. People go to art galleries and just by glancing at a painting one can feel the mood the artist is trying to express. There are basic solid colors we see in the rainbow and alongside these colors a mixture of two or more coloration can form diverse shades. Imagine looking at a picture full of photographs and great amount of colors. Every…

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