How College Students Can Not Make A Person Happy? Essay

754 Words Oct 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Does relationships, money, possessions, religion, make a person happy? According to the dictionary, happy is a state of being delighted, pleased, or glad, over a particular thing (“happy”). Many would disagree with this statement. Outside things can not make a person happy, because it comes from within the person. A person can live their life how they chose, it all comes from whats going on inside them (Henri). Everyone is searching for happiness in life, even college students. College students have a great amount of things to balance in the school year, from social life to doing laundry. Despite all the pressure and stress that is put on a college student there is hope for happiness. There are lots of reasons for a college student to be unhappy. They are swamped with homework, essays, lectures, projects, and are expected to pass with flying colors on everything. College students are constantly thinking about their crippling debt that hovers over there heads and how they are going to pay it off in the future. Then the basic college student has to deal with roommates, spending money, finding a job, and missing their family. On top of all this, college students are limited to the amount of sleep they get. In result to that everyone walks around on campus as if they were lifeless zombies. If the student is undeclared, this in itself adds another heavy load to carry on there shoulders. People constantly ask them, “have you chosen a major yet,” over and over again and the…

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