How College Is Perceived By Modern Society Essays

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The economic issues in the United States have warped how college is perceived by modern society as it is now mainly viewed as a means to getting a financially successful job. It is this short sided outlook on the college experience that Frank Bruni addresses in his article, “Demanding More from College”, as he asserts that the purpose of college isn’t just to obtain a high-salary job, but to provide an environment where a substantial amount of person growth can be gained. In the article, Bruni challenges students to make new friends who aren’t like their old friends, to engage in different interests and activities, and to try different identities. This proposed challenge is the “blueprint” for personal growth because personal growth is achieved through learning new perspectives, which can be attained through this challenge according to Bruni. I agree that this challenge would be beneficial for college students because by learning new perspectives thanks to this proposed dare, it would make college students more open-minded to foreign concepts and more understanding towards other people. Such a challenge would also be desirable as it serves as a method to help students find their “real” identity by allowing college students an opportunity to experiment with their identities. However, Bruni completely ignores one factor to his proposed challenge – the attainability of its goals, which not every student has the luxury of obtaining due to economic reasons. Nonetheless, I would…

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