How College Friendships Affect Student Success Essay

990 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
One important idea from “How College Friendships May Affect Student Success,” is that students form diverse friendships and these help how they perform in college. Author Anya Kamentetz explains that three types of student’s friendship which were results from research by Janice McCabe, an associate professor of sociology. Janice McCabe surveyed various group of 67 and found out varieties of social networks existing among college students and these bring either academic and social benefits or disadvantages. According to the results of survey, there are three basic types of student’s friendships which were tight-knitters, compartmentalizers, and samplers. Firstly, tight-knitters are very close friends like family, so students may not feel lonely easily and they may feel that they have strong supporters. Furthermore, half of them are helping each other to improve themselves and to make better results in college, but the remaining 50 percent of them are doing poor. Secondly, compartmentalizers who are standing between more than two different kind of groups get both academic and social benefits. They feel belonging to campus, and get helps by different field groups, so they can do better in school. Lastly, samplers who have lots of one to one friendships may feel lonely among the groups but they are successful in college. Based on the results, Janice McCabe realizes that college students wish to have an advantageous balance between their academic and social life. The author…

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