How Classroom Is Taught On The Reading Of A Young Age Essay

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People are taught how to read at a young age. They progress through school learning various techniques to help read the material more efficiently. One way is learning to how critique their assigned readings, and helps the young adults develop a better understanding of the text. A student assists their reading skills this way, because they are now able to apply different applications to the text. This opens their minds to understand different ways to interpret the reading rather than just form an opinion, which is important because not every child is taught how to read in the same school or under the same level of criticism. The concept of having a “critical lens” is what is said to have been taught to students for reading, and is what Mark Edmundson has taken an issue with. Mr. Edmundson believes that teachers should simply just assign a reading, rather than attempt to teach them more critical ways to interpret a reading. He believes that when students use more criticism, that it can create a criticism “lens” that the students become comfortable using. I firmly disagree with him. If the students are not taught different techniques to criticize the assigned text, then they will lack the skills needed to focus on other perspectives besides their own. It will lead to students being more comfortable for him/her to rely solely on their opinions. I believe that if you just give students the material to read and interpret on their own, it will extremely limit their potential…

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