How Classical Christian Education Changed The Lives Of Her Special Needs Children

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Although author Cheryl Swope received her master’s degree in special education and worked as an overseer of thirteen public school special education programs, the enormous challenge of teaching her own special needs children became a task that no formal education or previous practice had prepared her for handling. Yet, through days and years of personal study and learning with her precious children, Swope gained extensive insights into how to best teach her children. In Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child, Cheryl Swope relays her compelling story of how classical Christian education changed the lives of her special needs children. This touching story gives a beautiful example to show that any child, regardless of his unique needs, can experience a satisfying and rewarding education and life.
Swope had a deep love for children, so when she learned that she and her husband would not be able to have children, the heartache was extra painful. Nevertheless, the joy was extra exhilarating the day that she got the call from her local Child Services organization informing her that a set of twin babies needed a home immediately. Cheryl and her husband did not hesitate to open their home and their lives to these two precious lives. Before the adoption took place, the Swopes were informed that the children seemed to demonstrate some special needs, but neither Swope nor her husband felt it was a valid reason to discontinue the adoption process. The decision to adopt…

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