How Cities Make People Richer Essay

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How Cities Make People Richer
Glaesar introduces his book by explaining that cities are made of flesh, rather than concrete. The city has triumphed in economic and technological ways through the provision of opportunities that lead to a further increase in opportunities. It is a foundation that Glaesar bases his arguments, especially in the aspect of how cities have made people richer by the minute. Being an elaborate and renowned economist, Glaesar centers his arguments on the fact that human contact, especially in the city, enables the populace to grow in terms of trust and cooperation. (p 35). He supports this by explaining that this proximity is crucial in the generation and distribution of wealth, as well as in creation
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He states, “Labor productivity and wages were significantly higher in those places where density was easier to develop” (p 142). He goes on to state the opposite of this constitutes expensive living. In his argument, he explains that cities attract ambitious and learned people. Taking advantage of this, the denser the number of learned people, the higher the chances of sharing knowledge, forming networks of novelty that allow for the upsurge of innovations, and by association, the rise in productivity. This leads to wealth generation and maximization in growth, creating more opportunities for other people to take over. This process will maximize the wealth of the “opportunity-maker” through the jobs made and distributed to other people seeking opportunities. With increased urban migration, cities have grown denser by the year, as seen in Manhattan. Glaesar notes that a city such as this is 74% wealthier than any other place. Simple housing may seem tiresome, but Glaesar acknowledges that in an area such as Houston, families are 58% wealthier (p 187). Therefore, he recommends to urban planners that the denser the city, the more affordable housing becomes, and the wealthier people grow as they get to retain (p

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