Essay on How Children Use Their Imagination

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“Maybe if you would have remembered the damn papers we wouldn’t be turning around! I ask myself every day why I am still married to someone as useless as you.” My mommy yelled. She said the ‘D-word’ too which means she’s really mad. “Pull the car over you stupid bitch I’m done with this!” My daddy screamed back. As we went to the side of the road, daddy jumped out and mommy got out too, pushing him and yelling more. Whenever mommy and daddy fight, I get scared because sometimes they yell at me, but it’s ok. I have my friends Jimmy and Sue. You can’t see them because they are invisible! They make me laugh and make me feel happy every time mommy and daddy start screaming. If they didn’t show up when I needed them I don’t know what I would do… Today children use their imagination as an escape from their reality because they feel scared, lonely, or just need another way of finding happiness, like in the example above. To begin with, one of the most common reasons for children to use their imaginations is because they are scared. When a child is frightened, or anyone in general, the feeling of panic takes over. Teens and adults can normally handle the panic better because they have the understanding of what is occurring most of the time while children on the other hand, do not. As a child, it’s harder to comprehend what is happening when scary events or situations occur. They may not understand why their parents are fighting or why they get yelled at for no reason. Even though…

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