How Children Learn Based On Heredity And Environment Essay

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There are many different theories on how children learn based on heredity and environment. There are four general principles of human development and they are; development is somewhat predictable, children develop at different rates, development is marked by periods of rapid growth between periods of slower growth, and heredity and environment interact in their efforts on development. The degree to which heredity and environment interact with each other makes it difficult to distinguish how each one plays a role in various human characteristics. Of the many psychologists who have a theory on learning, this paper will discuss Bronfenbrenner’s multiple layers of environmental influence, Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, and Vygotsky’s theory of cognitive development.
Bronfenbrenner believes in layers of environmental influence that will affect human development. The first layer of environmental influence is the family, then the second layer being neighborhood and community, the last layer being the state/province and country. The family can support development through; parenting practices, how relationships with siblings and grandparents is formed, the kind of nutrition and medical care that is provided, and education activities such as bedtime reading or access to computer technology (Ormrod, 2014, p. 22). The neighborhood and community can support development through resources such as playgrounds and helpful neighbors (Ormrod, 2014, p. 22), which fosters a…

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