Essay on How Children Grow Into Their Own Personality By Learning

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In this chapter, belonging is discussed, and how children grow into their own personality by learning who they are through self-identification, culture, and family. “A child’s family is the first and most important place where a feeling of identity and belonging start” (Blimes 58). Children begin to culturally identify who they are through their family, “by the age five a child’s cultural self is already established” (Blimes 58). When attending school, a new introduction to a different environment (classroom setting) can be very difficult, “with the right support, most children begin to regard the classroom as sort of a home away from home… (Blimes 58). Supporting a child’s family culture and belonging is very important in the classroom. Teachers should help reinforce their student’s “identity as members of their family while learning how to navigate the outside world by becoming familiar with the worlds from which they come” (Blimes 62). When children attend school, they learn and develop skills to make new friends; most children attending school have a “span of [the] developmental stages of friendships”. According to Blimes, “… two of the big task in preschool are to help children make friends and become a part of the classroom community” (Blimes 57). The culture of the classroom, and working well with other children is very important. Children will learn how to develop friendships with the help of their teachers, and it is “the teacher’s responsibility to facilitate…

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