How Childhood Effects Love? Essay

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How Childhood Effects Love The environment in which children are raised, parented, and how they are disciplined or rewarded effects every aspect of that child’s life. It is important that parents choose the correct parenting skills. According to Diana Baumrind, there are four parenting styles; Authoritarian, Authoritative, Neglectful, and Indulgent. There are pros and cons to these parenting styles. Each of these methods have an effect on a child’s conception of and capacity to love. In my Life-Span Developmental Psychology class, we have been talking about the different types of parenting. The first parenting style is Authoritarian. According to our text, this is a “restrictive, punitive style where parents exhort child to follow their directions and to respect their work and effort” (Santrock, 461). This parenting skill only leads a child to be fearful of the parent and unable to communicate very well. Bell Hooks believes “when parents start out disciplining children by using punishment, this becomes the pattern children respond to” (Hooks, 49). If a child only responds to punishment, then the they probably have not experienced much love. B. F. Skinner believes operant conditioning to be the best form of parenting. This basically means reinforcing the good behavior to higher the likelihood of the action being repeated. This type of parenting does not demonstrate much love towards their child. On top of that, it can also include uncontrolled reactions when dealing with…

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