How Change Can Be For The Best Essay

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Change happens in many different ways, in many different areas of our lives but changes that happen to allow or encourage a person to develop greater and greater wisdom I believe are, time, life experiences and a positive, optimistic attitude. I am certain that if more of us took the initiative to understand how change can be for the best, we would see a world with more patience, acceptance, understanding, and love.
I believe time is a big factor in how people change from moment to moment, day to day, year to year, and even years to future years. Time is part of our daily lives, like a circle we find ourselves circling back to the same hours we seen the day before and after. Time is something most of us take for granite, and very seldom stop to think about the idea that time has the ability to change people. Instead we may often dwell on the idea that time is on repeat, and not really a factor in our daily lives or milestones.
My view is that time doesn’t stand still, time is something that continues to move forward and as people we have to be willing to move and grow with it. Time will not wait for us, it will continue to move forward and if we’re lucky we will gain the knowledge of its importance. With time we have the ability to move from one place to another, we move and change with time but if we allow ourselves to just sit and wait for the clock to come back around in hopes that it will bring us the change were waiting for, its likely we will be very disappointed by…

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