How Cell Phones Changed The World Essay

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How Cell phones Have Changed the World
Cell have changed the world in a positive way and also a negative way. They have also made a huge impact on the world. They have made the world an easier place to live. People can communicate easier with each other. Cell phones also can be very dangerous at times. There are now more car accidents due to cell phones.
People can’t go anywhere without their cell phones. Say for instance a mom runs to the bank, knowing she will only be gone for 5 minutes. She will take her phone with her. Not only does she have it with her, but she might even use her phone while she is driving. Sometimes people aren’t even texting when they are driving. They might surf the internet to see what their friends are up to. Statistics say that eleven teenagers die every day due to texting while driving. That is 341 teenagers that die every month, 4015 teenagers a year. That’s not including adults or little kids. Steven Clark was driving while texting. He killed a trooper that was helping with another car accident. The trooper’s wife wanted Clark to be in jail for life, but the judges decided 20 years was good enough. Clark had sent 69 messages while he was driving. His phone also showed he had been on social media. At the time Steven wrecked his daughter was in the backseat, not only was he putting his life at risk, but also his daughter’s life. When Steven gets out of jail, he wants to teach kids about the danger of texting and driving. (Clay)
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