How Cars Have Affected Our Life Essay

1970 Words Aug 18th, 2015 8 Pages
First of all, everyday new technological advancement, great innovation and advanced technology appear that could change our life. As the time goes, many of those have changed a lot of things in different sectors such as: economy, health, business, education and social life. One of the most affected innovations is car. Cars have affected our social life in many ways so it made our tasks easier, faster and more comfortable. It helped us to communicate and corporate with each other easily. Before this innovation, people were depending on traditional types of transportation and they were wasting a lot of time in order to move from one place to another. Nowadays, many companies tried to improve and develop new technology in different ways, but the most interesting one is what a company called Google did, because they innovate a self-driving car. Self-driving cars are driverless cars that have the ability to sense the surrounding environment of the car. It can transfer from one place to another without any human contribution. As the company claim, those type of cars will be safe for everyone so it will help all people regardless to their ability to drive such as disabled people and those who are not able to drive cars because of their age.

As definition, self-driving car is an automatic car that can drive itself to a specific destination according to the passenger. It controls the car features such as break system, sensors, navigation, safety distance, light, parking,…

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