How Can 't Stop You? Essay

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“ obstacles can’t stop you, problems can 't stop you . Most of all , other people can 't stop you. The only one who stops you is yourself. “ - unknown. As we all go on throughout life there will always be people that try to bring you down and tell you you 're not good enough. We’ve all had those moments. Where people underestimate you. In a way I like when people underestimate me or the power of motivation and determination . See although they can say things to bring you down what they don 't know is the amount of power you have within or the determination that you have. Weather you believe it or not , you have the power to achieve anything in life and trust me i know that sounds cheesy or it 's been said millions of times or you 've heard that so many times and no matter how times you have tried it never seems to happen . Let me tell you that you have so much power in you sometimes it just takes you seeing things in a different way for you to achieve it . Don’t believe me ? then listen to my story ( it can 't hurt to read ) .

The best thing for me about going to school is each day you go you are a day closer to summer . Ahh yes summer come on admit it you like the thought of summer and being free from the prison system as I like to call it . See students are like prisoners we have a schedule and we go through with it and we get use to it and as soon as we get freedom (summer ) we enjoy a day or a week then we sit there like ugh this is boring I have no idea what to do…

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